United Kingdom

January 2017 - June 2017

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Requests for Data

We respond to valid requests relating to criminal cases. Each and every request we receive is checked for legal sufficiency and we reject or require greater specificity on requests that are overly broad or vague.

Request TypeTotal RequestsUsers / Accounts RequestedPercentage of Requests Where Some Data Produced
Legal Process6,0917,53092.23%

Preservation Requests

We will take steps to preserve account records in connection with official criminal investigations for 90 days pending our receipt of formal legal process.

Preservation RequestsUsers / Accounts Requested

Content Restrictions

We restricted access to items in the United Kingdom in response to court orders relating to defamation and bullying, as well as in accordance with requests from the UK General Dental Council and the UK Gambling Commission. We also restricted one item alleged to violate the Communications Act (2003) and the Representation of People Act (1983), one item alleged to violate UK law prohibiting the incitement of racial hatred, and one item relating to an ongoing criminal trial.

Number of pieces of content restricted

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